Internet Marketing and SEO Success Stories!

I have worked closely with the following clients to increase customer counts and improve their search engine rankings!
The Lakes Oral & Facial Surgery Centre is a full-service dental, oral surgery and plastic surgery clinic located in Fall River, Nova Scotia, just minutes from Halifax. The Lakes specializes in various Halifax Facial Surgery procedures in an extremely comfortable, professional and serene environment. Highly Recommended!
Affordable income tax returns for HRM and all of Nova Scotia! Reg has 30 years of experience helping individuals and business owners with their personal income tax and small business bookkeeping. A Nova Scotia native, Reg is an experienced and affordable tax returns. is the official website for the annual Upper Sackville, Nova Scotia Weir Field summer concert. I have been volunteering as website manager and SEO consultant since the beginning in 2007! is home of the premier boat broker in the Yarmouth, Nova Scotia area (in my humble opinion!). Novi Marine Brokers ranks very well for keyword terms like: "novi boats," "nova scotia boat broker," and yarmouth fishing boat broker among others!
Since "re-branding" in 2010 to, the Cantini Law Group has seen it's website business soar! I was hired in 2008 to do an SEO "make-over" on the original website. That work set in-motion the success enjoyed by Cantini today!
I would be remiss if I didn't include my own Internet Marketing and SEO portal,! Although originally a personal blog, I relaunched the website in 2011 as my official Internet Marketing information and Nova Scotia SEO consultant contact point!
A truly awesome "keyword domain" with high search numbers, this Canada Student Loan website serves as an excellent starting point for 1000s of Canadian students seeking the latest information on federal and provincial student loans. This website also features links to every provincial student loan website in Canada! Start your student loan application research here!


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