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Affordable Internet Marketing and SEO services by Michael Bennett, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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My "one package, one low price" search engine optimization and Internet Marketing major tune-up package is low cost, but very effective!

This SEO Internet Marketing Package Includes:

- Reviewing and fixing:

-your HTML META tags (website description & keywords)
-your website page titles
-your website content
-(or creating) your website site map
-your website image(s) alt tags
-your website navigation
-your website page URLs
-your incoming website links and "anchor text."

- A complete review of your current website rankings in major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!
- A domain name review - for keyword, brand and long-term business success!
- Submission of your website to 2 major Internet directories with strategic, keyword anchor text
- Adding your website link to my personal network of websites in at least 2 places, with appropriate and relevant anchor text
- Moving your website up the search engine ranking pages (SERPs) on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

* Depending on the website and client. I reserve the right to refuse any website / project for any reason at my sole discretion.
* Please read my legal page and terms of service here.
* Please contact me anytime if you require further information!


"SEO is a game of inches. Put a few feet between you and your competition." - That's what I do for you!


- Your website SEO tune-up is customizable - just ask!
- Monthly contracts may be available in special circumstances. This service is not part of the SEO "tune-up" package.
- I utilize "white hat" ethical strategies; that are proven to work over the long-term.
- I keep you informed and updated regarding the "whats and whys" of what I'm doing.
- Discounts may be available depending on your specific needs.

Low Cost SEO . Halifax Nova Scotia SEO Consultant . Affordable Internet Marketing . Michael Bennett . Nova Scotia Canada