Hire Me!

Internet Marketing and Halifax area SEO by Michael Bennett

The top seven reasons to hire me as your Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Consultant!

There are "way more" than 7 good reasons to hire me (smile), but these are the 7 that really matter!

1) I really know SEO and I stay current!
2) My pricing is extremely reasonable.
3) I have 15+ years of Internet Marketing & SEO experience and countless SEO Success Stories!
4) Your success is my success!
5) I do lots of little extras that you don't pay for.
6) I love what I do and I never give up!
7) I only take on projects I'm passionate about, and never more than 2 projects at a time!

It won't cost you a dime to contact me, and if you don't like what you hear - hang up and get on with your life. (smile)


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