Does Google ™ Love Your Website?

Why is Google Inc.™ such a powerful influence on SEO and Internet Marketing!

Let's face it, Google Inc.™ is an extremely innovative and forward-thinking technology company and most of us are familiar with their search engine at (Apparently millions and millions of us worldwide use it everyday!)

Although Google™ offers a wide-range of technology tools, programs, apps. and more, the Google™ search engine remains "their pride and joy!" IMHO.

So, does Google™ (The Search Engine) love your website?

Here's the bottom line for webmasters, online marketers, large & small business owners and "web entrepreneurs" alike:

Be honest wtih Google™, and they almost certainly will be honest with you, your website and your potential customers! Google™ is very clear on many things related to Internet Marketing & SEO. First and foremost create user-friendly and "Google™-friendly" websites; otherwise you may not get the results you are hoping for from the Google™ search engine.

Of course, Google™ doesn't speak for any other search engine(s), but many, many webmasters will tell you - if Google™ doesn't "like" your website, you may wish to consider another line of work.

I know that sounds "pretentious," but Google™ is very ,very, very good at finding and ranking the "best" and most relevant websites when someone searches for a related term, keyword or phrase! They seemingly crawl, index and "return" more websites "per search" than any other search engine on the virtual planet!

Translation: They send some websites upwards of 80+ percent of their daily, monthly and yearly traffic. More traffic equals more sales. Period! Do yourself a "solid" and create Google™-friendly and user-friendly websites!

I don't pretend to be a Google™ expert, but I do respect them - a lot. One of my goals as an Internet Marketing & SEO Consultant is to create the best user-friendly and Google™-friendly websites for my clients!

If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact me anytime.

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