Halifax-based SEO and Internet Marketing services for small & medium-sized businesses, including local SEO for Nova Scotia, Canada companies!

These are the Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization related questions I've been asked most over the past 10-plus years:

What is SEO (search engine optimization), and why do I need it?
Why is Google so important to me? How do search engines really work anyway? What exactly is link popularity? Do I need a .com domain name? How do I increase traffic to my website? Does it matter where I register or host my domain / website? What are image ALT tags? What is keyword analysis? What are META TAGS & how important is my website content? What is anchor text and do I really need a site map for my website? If these sound familiar, please read on!

1) SEO Consulting > Hire me to fix your small business or corporate website! Strong search engine visibility and results; and a "larger" overall web presence is my specialty. Contact me for more information.

2) SEO Training & Speaking Engagements > Hire me to speak to your company or group! This is must have Internet Marketing training for large and small groups. Contact me for more information.

One Package One Low Price!

Is it really that simple? Yes, it really is!
I feature an "SEO tune-up" package that works very well for most small and medium-sized business websites.
I have references!

Low Cost SEO

Does Google™ Love You!

And why does it matter? Well, at the moment Google is it! If Google loves your website - celebrate! If not, get a nine to five job, because nothing else matters.

Does Google Love My Website

Why Hire Me!

I love doing SEO work! My pricing structure is more than fair and pays for itself very quickly. I only use ethical "white hat" strategies and I have a track record of SEO success!

Nova Scotia SEO Consultant

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